Serving the global aviation community with solutions, outreach and support to facilitate the movement of Flight Crews and support personnel.

General and Business Aviation Standardization

The movement of flight crews and support personnel throughout the world is impacted by the laws of individual nations and international agreements. General and business aviation standardization streamlines processes and best practices, thus mitigating delays, detainments and other events that can adversely affect an aviation operator.

Information Gathering

Using info-sharing methods, such as surveys, we gather feedback from the global community hub and analyze this data to devise best-of-breed solutions.

By encouraging industry professional engagement, we receive insightful intelligence on current challenges and needs that operators face throughout the world.

Communication and Collaboration

To create global solutions and best practices, we utilize a communication and collaboration platform where feedback, recommendations and concepts are discussed. This ensures that all interests are represented and that standardization solutions apply across the world’s spectrum.